Software Development Team

The dedicated Software development team model aims at hiring a self-managed team that is dedicated to your project. We at Dogma Systems provide the team of experts that includes a balanced combination of specialists and generalists.

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Why Hire a Dogma’s Software Development Team?

Enough Control and Less Burden

Dogma provides you with the dedicated assembled team of developers taking care of its progress, integration, and management. And, you have the ownership of the control project and control the progress of the project. You don’t have to bother about the management of the team we take care of it completely. However, if you wish to do so, you are Welcome!

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Perfect Combination of Specialists and Generalists

We have a combined team of generalists and specialists that make sure that your applications are robust and scalable. Individuals with broad skill sets(Generalists) look over the end-to-end development of the entire project.

Whereas, the specialists of the team members with their super-specific skillsets look upon the development tasks.

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Access to Amazing Tech Talent Pool

Our teams of software developers are well versed with the latest tools and technologies required for your software development process. You get access to the world’s best-performing developers for your product. They coordinate with you swiftly explaining to you the technicalities of the project, so you are well aware of the development process.

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Our Team Work Flow

1. Assessment of Project

2. Analysis of Project

3. Transition Planning 

4. Modular Migration

5. Deployment of Project

6. Quality Analysis &Testing



Java, Kotlin, XML, JavaScript, Cpp, Objective C and Swift

The most fundamental building block of app development is a programming language. And, so it becomes very important to choose the correct language for your project. We guide you to the best available options but work according to your choice and requirement.


IONIC, React Native, Flutter, Android native, Appcelerator, XCode IDE, iOS SDK, and Cocoatouch framework

We work on multiple frameworks according to the demand of our customers. Whatever be the framework or language, the product quality is never compromised at any development stage.

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Together, Let’s Make Things Happen

You decide to go with Dogma Systems for your software development, and yes! we will deliver you the best.

“The team at Dogma Systems is outstanding. We help you unlock your potential online and offline. We apply a progressive approach in our work so that you experience year on year growth.”