his is the question that you are stuck at more often. How to make a decision? More specifically a good one!  Before answering these questions let us know what does taking a decision means? 

Decision-making may sound like a personal trait but effective decision-making is something that can be learned and implemented like any other thing and throughout life. So let us look at various aspects of decision-making.

How do we make a decision?

We at Dogma systems are pretty much clear about making decisions. Wondering how? 

Let’s have a look! 

Before taking a decision each employee is supposed to ask 5 questions from itself, and Yes, they are quite simple!

  • First, Is the decision good for me? If the answer is Yes, move on to the next question.

  • Is the decision good for my colleagues? If the answer is Yes, move on to the third question.

  • Is the decision good for my company Dogma? Again, if the answer is yes, Go ahead with the fourth question

  • Is the decision good for my customer? If the answer is yes, move to the next and the final question.

  • Is the decision good for Humanity?

If the answer to all the questions is yes, you should go ahead with the decision. But what if the answer to any of the questions is a “NO”. 

Is there anything to worry about? To this question, we answer it a big NO.

Let us see how!

What if something goes wrong?

If you are stuck with any of the above questions, you need not worry about anything. At Dogma, you can catch up with your team lead or the Head, to come out of your problems and doubts.

Worried about the relationship between the senior and the junior? 

But wait! What is that? 

Yes, you heard it right! 

No seniors, no juniors, only the Dogma family members. Take up your problems and everyone is ready to take up your problems on their shoulders, especially the team lead and the Head. And this is the beauty of the Dogma System work culture.

Why is it necessary to answer all questions to yourself?

This is because, We at Dogma believe in creating values. Values for our employees, Values for our Company, Values for our great Customers, and yes, Values for Humanity.

And we can not compromise with the decision that destroys the values of an individual, company, or customer. So, we believe in taking precautions, instead of bearing the consequences.

Benefits of this System

By this time you might be wondering that what is the benefit of getting into this system- The system that involves self-questioning. Right? 

So let’s clear your doubts.

The answer is really simple! When you go through this system of question-answers,

The end-product quality is not at all compromised in the entire software development process. 

And this is what we ensure at Dogma Systems.